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 An established need and identified provider options leads to specific presentations/discussions with Shining Lion partners. These other powerful tools help secure the right solution.


A powerful tool that helps us understand the disruptive technologies by researching products, trends, and service providers to identify the right solution.


Hundreds of providers spanning multiple technology categories. It includes contact information, battle cards, one-pagers, case studies and more.


Compare vitals across 1600+ Global Data Centers. Location, territory, provider searches. For example, you can light up all Equinix Data Centers throughout the world, peer into a particular location and identify all services, cloud connect, applications available there. The Compare tool helps compare all Data Centers, strengths and weaknesses. You can choose a 75 mile radius in a city to identify all your options, for example.


Google Maps puts in an address to determine what’s lit, buildings around it, what connections are on-net, and can immediately do an actual quote. This tool has access to millions of miles of fiber lines and thousands of lit buildings.


It’s one view to compare solution providers by tech category to help you narrow down the field. It’s considered an RFP in a box. This includes every key piece of information of every provider. There’s a product matrix that considers the Opportunity Criteria and other filters. This tool generates a matrix of all the qualified providers, removing those that don’t meet the specific requirements. From there, a PDF is generated with the providers, let’s say the top three, who can do it. Additionally, Customer Success Stories help backup recommendations through examples of cutting-edge implementations across all technology categories.


This tool generates a on-prem PBX vs. UCaaS financial analysis, what can be saved going to the cloud, including the creation of a customized cost comparison, breaking down the financial impact.


Save time using our tool to find cable and fiber serviceability nationwide, with pricing and quote generation and contracting within minutes.


This is real-time pricing for DIA, MPLS, P2P and SIP.


This helps find the best Internet connection for your facilities. It discovers data centers, lit carriers, and long haul/metro fiber routes accessible at your address.