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Cloud is about taking the hardware and software that used to live on premises, and migrating it to the ever-resilient, flexible, and capable cloud.

A powerful Cloud Migration Strategy.

BaaS (Backup as a Service) and DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service), protecting customer data in the cloud as a failsafe.

DaaS (Desktop as a Service) where virtual desktops are stored in the provider's data center and accessed through a secure web portal

Managed Office 365 where email services are managed by a service provider and stored in the provider's data center

Managed Public Cloud is layering managed services on top of a public cloud provider (AWS, Google Cloud, MS Azure, etc.)

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) is s a cloud computing service model such as AWS by means of which computing resources are supplied by a cloud services provider. The IaaS vendor provides the storage, network, servers and virtualization.

Why Get AWS through us?

Multiple options available include Colo cross-connect to AWS, existing Internet to AWS, and direct connect to AWS.

Since we order so much AWS, we have much greater leverage, potentially affecting price and delivery.

Why Cloud?

Improved performance

Lower costs (personnel, maintenance, management)

Security and backup advantages

Greater focus on the business

Scalability, flexibility

Why CCaaS?

Eliminate costly onsite hardware and enabling the uniform telephony experience for all users, no matter location. Additionally: