Challenges (MET)

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Propelled to greatness. An established fact, a stellar IT infrastructure enhances overall company operations while bringing competitive advantage within your respective industry.
Rapid and frequent. Meanwhile, technology changes more rapidly than ever, some major and often. How an organization finds ideal solutions within such volatility, so many industry players to consider, and still confidently achieve long term ROI objectives can be an arduous task. The clear trend away from MADness (Multi-Appliance Dependency) and leaning into the cloud.
The right technology search. Companies search for flexible, agile, powerful solutions at the industry forefront today, hoping their solution’s ongoing enhancements of their original investment protects its overall value for the long term.
Leader, innovator, disrupter. Technology leaders are usually more well-known. Innovators are interesting as they strive for a more prominent industry position. Meanwhile, lesser known disrupters are influencing the way established leaders and innovators respond to change, re-engineering their offerings. All three types can be important, impactful in getting you from current to future state.
Finding the right one. Some IT executives have lowered expectations of finding the ideal fit, often going it alone, unnecessarily burdened by searching for the right technology solution from knowledge within. Finding that ideal technology partner(s) is not always so straightforward, so dependence on the inside IT team for right answers is no longer how things are done today. The industry has adopted a much better way to help IT organizations and thus companies reach the ideal future state through a high integrity TRUSTED ADVISOR in Shining Lion.
The Trusted Advisor’s value. Also known as a technology broker, Shining Lion is well-positioned to meet the challenge. Immersed in the latest technology on an ongoing basis, potentially from hundreds of sources*, we also bring extensive technical resources to a complex evaluation process, including expert engineering and tools that assist in the decision-making from the beginning. Pinpointing the right technology at a great time savings for our customers.
Experience and detail. Our role is to better analyze the needs, reach deeply into the numerous options potentially available, removing the complex burden of finding the right technology partners.
In-depth analysis, technical design, implementation, and ongoing support are also part of the services offered to customers at no charge. * Shining Lion, under its master agency, has relationships with over 300 highly qualified providers. We’re also connected outside of that list for more specialized services. Challenges Met.